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Lip Balm Directory: Everything you need to know with the most honest review

by Kylie Nguyen

A lip balm is a best friend of everyone, both with women or with men. We never end up using only one lip balm. We have one in our handbag, one at our desk, one in our outer’s pocket, etc. and we leave them everywhere then lose them all the time. If you are like me who always get chapped lips in all seasons, you may understand how disappointed one lip balm can turn you down right away when you open it. Hence, in today’s Brighty Skin blog post, I will share some of the tips of your daily lip care and the list of highlighted lip balms that I tried and liked/failed to help you easier in choosing the right one for you.


I always adore someone who has a natural pink and soft lips and dream to achieve one, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come to me that easily. After months following those below tips, I did have better and softer lips so I would like to share to you girls right now:

  1. Don’t lick your lips: Our saliva will quickly evaporate and leave our lips drier every time we lick.
  2. Try not to peel your lips off: We love matte lipsticks and we wear it so often, especially to work. However, matte lipsticks usually dry out our lips and make the lip’s skin cracked and chapped, then we feel really tempted to peel the dry skin off. This action will make our lips bleeding and take days to be healed properly. Additionally, this will also leave our lips darker shade. So instead of touching and peeling the skin off, apply a thick layer of lip balm to soften the dry skin to reduce your urge to remove the skin by hand.
  3. Use sunscreen: Okay, we apply sunscreen for our face every day but always don’t put that much effort into our lips. Lips are the most sensitive skin on the face and easy to get sunburnt, chapped and dried later on. Therefore, using a lip balm with SPF will help to avoid this situation. Plus, sunscreen for lips will also help us to avoid hyperpigmentation which makes our lips dark.
  4. Apply lip balm often and apply it before any lipsticks: By doing this, our lips can stay hydrated throughout the day and we can reduce the dryness effect from matte lipsticks. This also helps to prevent us from peeling off the skin. However, try to avoid the flavored lip balms because it may appeal to us to lick our lips more often.
  5. Stay hydrated from the inside out: The fact is that when I drink more water in a day intentionally, my lips are less dryer than usual. One more thing is that we should put a humidifier as staying under an air conditioner in summer or heater in winter. 


  1. Gently exfoliate: To be honest, I don’t remember to exfoliate the lips often. But you girls should do it at least weekly. By using your toothbrush to do the scrub,  massaging the mixture of honey and sugar, or any lips scrubs by your finger, it may help to keep your lips soft, sweet and sexier.
  2. Moisturize: As said above, we will need to keep our lips hydrated inside out from days to nights. That’s why I would like to share with you all my honest reviews about all common and well-known lip balms.


Briefly, in this post, I will list out 2 options of lip balms:

  1. BUDGET OPTIONS: For all products with a price range of less than 8USD per product
  2. MID END OPTIONS: For all products with the price range from 10USD to 20USD each

There are four factors to judge one lip balm can be a right for you or not as I list them out below:

  1. Moisturizing effect: The factor will be racked from 1 to 5 stars, depending on how helpful it is to moisturize lips and how long the effect is going to last, from 1 to 3 hours without reapplying.
  2. Easy to carry along: This factor is to show how convenient the lip balm can be used while we are outside. It’s used to compare the package of the lip balm: how small the balm is, how convenient it can be applied with or without using fingertips
  3. Best suitable under lipsticks: This factor is about the texture and glossy effect that one lip balm can bring about. It is to answer some common questions, such as: does it leave the greasiness or white residues on lips after applying? Does it absorb quickly and not let the lips become heavy? Does the moisturizing effect of the lip balms last long enough to maintain lips soft after using matte lipsticks?
  4. Sun protection: This is all about the SPF number. Normally, one lip balm has around 10 SPF, some contain more SPF, and some have none. The higher SPF will be listed with the higher stars.

And now, let’s jump right in with the list:

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